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Welcome to the Supermarket/Retail Subgroup!

What an incredible and exciting time to be sitting together around the Supermarket Retail RDN Table!  Food is so powerful - from farm to supermarket, shopping cart to table. amd the conversation about food is so riveting.  There is no better way to connect than with food and friends around the table, so I invite you to join me around the table this year to share your stories, help us learn and grow, inspire others and celebrate together!  

As Supermarket and Retail Dietitians, we are all passionately connecting people to food for health.  Our consumers now recognize the RDN and see food retailers as a trusted source for health and wellness.  We have a lot going on this year and so much to talk about as we gather around the table:  from new labeling laws to transparency to food delivery, social media, and so many other challenging but exciting topics. 


Our diverse members creatively blend food and culinary inspiration with nutrition and health messaging from coast to coast in so many varied settings.  The Supermarket / Retail Subgroup is here to support you.  It is our goal to provide timely and useful information, networking opportunities, continuing education, and resources to help all retail dietitians continue to make food a part of the nutrition conversation.  Join me around the table for an inspirational year and take advantage of everything we offer:

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Webinars – Participate in upcoming webinars, or take advantage of archived learnings.

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Social Media – Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:   #FCPDPG and @FCPDPG

FNCE® – Let’s chat in October about how we can really connect as retail dietitians and be most helpful to each other as we talk about food and nutrition, from farm to supermarket, shopping cart to table! 

As Supermarket Retail Subgroup Chair, I am honored to work with such a dynamic group of retail dietitians.  There is nothing I love more than gathering around a table to share food with friends and I do believe this is where we really learn how to listen, learn and grow.   Please feel free to reach out and share your questions, comments or thoughts with me directly at any time this year.  Cheers!  

Emily Parent, RD

FCP Supermarket Subgroup Chair