Food & Culinary Professionals


We have compiled a starting list of resources for you – please note this is not exhaustive and we’d love to hear from you about what your favorite agriculture resources are.  This list will continue to grow as our subgroup develops, so please visit regularly to see what we add over time.

Ag 101/environmental research

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Agricultural Research Service

USDA Rural Development

The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project

NASA Agriculture

Extension: an educational partnership of 70+ universities     

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST)

EPA Agriculture 

Hunger & Environmental Nutrition (HEN) Dietetic Practice Group (DPG) resources for dietetic educators

HEN DPG Sustainable, Resilient and Healthy Food & Water Systems glossary

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Soil Health Awareness

USDA - Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Healthy Land, Healthy People:  Building a Better Understanding of Sustainable Food Systems for Food and Nutrition Professionals

USDA Resource for New Farmers

Animal care

American Veterinary Medical Association / Food Supply Veterinary Medicine

FDA Animal Health Literacy

FDA Guidance for Industry

USDA Animal Welfare


USDA Immigration Policy and Its Possible Effects on U.S. Agriculture

USDA Immigration and the Rural Workforce

The Potential Impact of Changes in Immigration Policy on U.S. Agriculture and the Market for Hired Farm Labor: A Simulation Analysis

National Grocers Association Immigration

Soil management/water/weather:

USDA - emergency preparedness

Michigan State Advanced Soil Organic Matter Management resource

Cornell Soil Health Assessment Training Manual

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act update on proposed agricultural water standards


Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture

Industry Commitment 

Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) - Sustainable Agriculture – Toward Shared Value for All Players in the Food Supply Chain

Food Marketing Institute (FMI) sustainability 

Retail Industry Leaders Association Sustainability

Supply chain:

National Grocers Association (NGA)  Country of Origin Labeling Final Rule New Labeling Requirements for Muscle Cuts

Threats Against America's Agriculture and Food System  

GMA - The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 Section-by-Section Summary

Farm Bill:

USDA Food, Farm and Jobs Bill

House Committee on Agriculture Farm Bill 2014 

United States Senate Committee on Agriculture Nutrition & Forestry Farm Bill 2014

Consumer friendly resources:

Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE)

US Department of Health and Human Services Food Safety Information