Food & Culinary Professionals

Lentil Recipe Contest: A Focus on Demonstration

FCP had a great recipe contest with!

Congratulations to our contest winners!

The recipe guidelines were simple:
  • Must be an original recipe
  • Must use whole green lentils or split red lentils
  • Lentils can be dry, cooked, canned or par-cooked
  • Must use 10 ingredients or less (5 ingredients preferred)
  • Prep time must not exceed 30 minutes
  • Any category – appetizer, main entrée, side dish, salad, breakfast or dessert
  • 30% or less calories from fat
  • Focus on a demo setting – must be easily replicated in a retail, supermarket, demo, or workshop setting

If you'd like inspiration for future recipe development, watch a short video to help you get your creative thoughts going.