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FCP-Foundation FNCE Fundraiser

Attending the networking event on Sunday? 
We hope you'll participate in our fundraiser!

FCP’s Academy Foundation Communication and Education Fund was established in 2005 to provide money for two distinct purposes:

During 2011-12, we completely “funded the fund,” and in April 2013, we awarded the first grant!  We continue to fundraise to maximize available funds, both for the educational grant and our new speakers bureau.

Goal:  To continue to fund FCP’s Academy Foundation Fund.

We are looking for: Donated items/gifts of interest to FCP members and guests.

Donation ideas: Culinary-related gift certificates (Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma, etc.), subscriptions to culinary magazines, travel vouchers, culinary products (yogurt for a year, fruit of the month clubs, etc), culinary items (knives, pans, linens), nutrition/culinary reference books or anything food related. Ask clients you work with if they’ll consider donating – great exposure to our dynamic group!

Items will be displayed during our networking event and attendees can purchase tickets to place in containers by the items they’d like to win. Throughout the evening, winners will be posted on a large poster board. Recipients or a designated proxy must be present to win.

Consider donating:
Culinary-related gift certificates (Sur La Table, Williams Sonoma, etc.)
Subscriptions to culinary magazines
Food products (yogurt for a year, fruit of the month clubs, cheese of the month clubs)
Unique items (homemade cookies, holiday desserts, unique liquors)
Culinary items (knives, pans, linens)
Anything food related

Link here for complete information 

Need inspiration?  Check out our wish list!

Note:  We have completed our donations for this year (thank you to many generous members!).
You can see photos of the items here.