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Tastings CPEU Article Author Queries and Guidelines
Author Queries

Tastings, FCP’s quarterly electronic member newsletter accepts queries for CPEU articles. Authors should have experience writing evidence-based articles for professional audiences. Topics should be of interest to FCP members, be aimed at supporting FCP Core Competencies and be substantive enough to meet CDR self-education module requirements, including referencing and peer review.

Please review both the Academy and FCP Author Guidelines before submitting a query.

These are just a few article ideas:

• Fermented grains and legumes – a look at the science
• The why and how of food and wine pairing
• In-depth exploration of a particular ethnic cuisine and dietary practices
• Megatrends in agriculture
• Gut microbiome, health and diet
• Emerging issues with foodborne pathogens
• Seafood sustainability
• Beer or wine 101
• Food and beverage industry trends
• How to create great food photography

Authors are compensated $500 for a 2000-word article.

To submit a query, please send the following to us at
• Cover letter with topic idea or ideas in the form of a 200-300 word paragraph and your qualifications to write on the topic(s)
• CV/Resume
• Two published writing samples