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2018 Trip to Emilia Romagna

We went to the Emilia Romagna region of Italy in 2018!

We had 2 trip dates - April 20-27, 2018 and June 8-15, 2018

A word from our FCP international trip chair, Alice Lenihan, MPH, RD, LDN

Are you ready to experience the gastronomic capital of the world? Emilia-Romagna, the home of Parmigiano-Reggio, balsamic vinegar, prosciutto di Parma and other delicacies is waiting for you to visit. Join the Food and Culinary Professionals (FCP) on the “Emilia-Romagna:  Discovering the Region’s Culinary and Cultural Treasures” tour.

During the 7-night tour you will experience the best the region offers in food, wine, history and rich cultural heritage of the region along with your FCP travelers.  As an FCP member, you can invite an adventurous food and travel friend, a fellow dietitian or non-FCP member to come along! 
Emilia-Romagna, in the north central region of Italy encompasses the inland region of Emilia and the eastern seaside region of Romagna. The Po River Valley also known as the “Food Valley” cuts across the region. The Products of Emilia-Romagna map illustrates the abundance of foods the region is known for.

Our group will start in Bologna as a base, visiting iconic markets, participate in food experiences, visit the University of Bologna just to name a few.  You will see why Bologna is called “La Dotta” the learned, “La Grassa”, the fat and “La Rossa”, the red. We will travel to Ravenna to visit the historic mosaics, experience the Adriatic Sea and local wines and culinary delights.

Parma, a UNESCO Creative City for gastronomy is our second base. In the middle of the Po River Valley, Parma offers unique historic sights and many local foods, especially the Parmigiano-Reggio cheese. Modena just down the road is the home of balsamic vinegar, just the place for a tasting and chance to purchase some “liquid gold”.

If you or a traveling partner want a day away from the culinary delights, visit the Museo Enzo Ferrari, in Modena. Experience the thrill of driving a Formula 1 car in the semi-professional simulator.

Not to ignore the wine, we will visit a vineyard and sample several local varieties during the week.  Cheers or Cin-Cin to a great tip in 2018!

See a preliminary itinerary

FCP member, Alice Henneman, has shared a video of the trip.  You can view it here.
*Password for the video is fcp2018