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FCP Webinar: Farm to Spork - Ensuring Food Safety and Protecting Consumers

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 

The webinar is at 9am Pacific (10 MT, 11 CT, 12 ET)

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Speaker: Felice Arboisiere

Lettuce is one of the most common produce items in our meals in the U.S., yet few people know the different steps involved in getting it from “farm to spork.” In this webinar, Felice Arboisiere, Corporate Microbiologist / Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager at Taco Bell, will provide an overview of the food production process for large scale operations and the role of quality assurance and food safety. She will take a deep dive into lettuce production, identifying growing regions and food safety practices on the farms, in processing facilities, and every step of the way to restaurants in your neighborhood. Felice will provide insights into government regulations around produce and what it takes to deliver fresh produce from the farm to your plate without compromising food quality or safety.

Thank you to our webinar sponsor: Taco Bell

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