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FCP Webinar: Environmental Sustainability and Dietary Guidance: What Is the Dietitian’s Role?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 

Join us for our June webinar! 

The webinar is at 9am Pacific (10 MT, 11 CT, 12 ET) 

Speakers: Tim Griffin, PhD 

Should environmental sustainability be coupled with nutritional guidance that dietetic professionals give to their clients and consumers? In a recent survey about sustainability, dietitians’ requests for information fell mainly into three buckets: animal/plant agriculture, organic vs conventional, and affordability of sustainably produced food.

Tim Griffin will cover these topics with evidence-based, unbiased facts, addressing the complexities of how the food we eat impacts the environment. Dr. Griffin served as an advisor on agriculture and the environment to the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. The resulting Scientific Report recommended including policies on agriculture, energy, water use, and transportation with dietary guidance, but these did not appear in the final Guidelines. Join us to hear a respected expert tackle these multi-faceted issues on a healthy diet and a healthy planet.


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Cara Nichols, RDN
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