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8th International Critical Dietetics Conference

Friday, November 16, 2018 - Sunday, November 18, 2018
8th International Critical Dietetics Conference
Montgomery, Alabama, USA
November 16-18, 2018
Featuring  a PEOPLE'S TRIBUNAL Friday Nov. 16
at Alabama State University with Local and National Social Justice Speakers

Food and Health as a Human Right:
Intersections of Rights-based Movements with Critical Dietetics
Critical Dietetics originated as a social health movement in June 2009 and while it is primarily located in dietetics, it is also embracing of multiple disciplines and perspectives, located in and outside of the health professions, and the academy. Critical Dietetics has previously convened conferences in Canada, Australia, England, and Spain. Our 8th International Conference will take place in Montgomery, Alabama, USA.
The need for a global, critical dialogue about social justice is urgently needed. For the 8th international critical dietetics conference, we are taking up that call by hosting our conference at the heart of the civil rights movement in Montgomery, Alabama, USA. The theme for this year's conference is health as a human right.
Central to the mission of Critical Dietetics is social justice.  Dietetics is a profession of traditionally feminized knowledge, forms of work, and workers. Hence, our interest in promoting diversity, redressing inequity, and seeking social justice relevant to people’s ethnicity, nationality, gender, class, size, religion, ability, and sexual orientation.
This conference will be a space for all those interested in challenging traditionally unchallenged ways of knowing and doing in nutrition and dietetics in order to promote diversity, equity, and social justice. We look forward to papers including, but not limited to the following topic areas:
• Rights-based approaches to health
• Critical dietetics as a social health movement
• Intersections of civil rights and critical dietetics/critical food studies 
• Addressing concerns regarding environmental justice, agricultural practices, workers’ rights, and water/air/land protections
• Promoting Indigenous ways of knowing in dietetics and nutrition
• Engaging in social justice struggles for food security and food sovereignty
• Providing socially-just health care, food service, and working conditions for incarcerated populations and the criminal justice system
• Exploration of critical dietetics in relation to other rights based and equity movements including BLM, INM, #MeToo, #NeverAgain, #TimesUp
• Student and practitioner experiences of promoting diversity, redressing inequity, or seeking social justice
• Student and practitioner experiences of speaking and practicing from their own disenfranchised positions
• Raising issues regarding race, poverty, and justice in the media, including social media
• Arts-based or arts-informed inquiry on social justice in dietetics
• Educating dietetic students in preparation for activism and advocacy
• Working with marginalized individuals/groups towards enhancing nutritional health status
• Explorations of power and equity in food and nutrition pedagogy, praxis, and politics

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