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FCP Book Club Discussion: Food Foolish: The Hidden Connection Between Food Waste, Hunger and Climate Change

Friday, September 18, 2015  Join us for our "Food for Thought" book club discussion.

Book:  Food Foolish:  The Hidden Connection Between Food Waste, Hunger and Climate Change
Authors:  John Mandyck and Eric Schultz

Noon Eastern

Conference Call Info:
877-425-4018, PIN 206935

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Read more about this book here.

Special note:  John Mandyck, the author, is joining us for the discussion!

Discussion questions:
1. How does the current system for the growing and distribution of food lead to inherent large-scale food waste?
2. How does the current production of food impact water usage (waste), GHG emissions and soil degradation?
3. What is the social and environmental impact of food waste?
4. How has the “green revolution” the livestock revolution” and the “cold-chain revolution” impacted world’s demand and supply of food?  What are the environmental consequences?
5. How can the “cold-chain” food distribution network lessen global food waste?  Can it do so without increasing GHG emissions?
6. What is meant by the term “embedded water”? How is this relevant to the discussion of food waste?
7. Discuss the authors’ recommendations for addressing the issue of food waste.  What are some of the “low hanging fruit” ideas? Do you think these recommendations are feasible?  What needs to change in order for them to be enacted? Contact Information:
FCP Office
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