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Webinar handouts & information:

 2/2012    Taste/The Bitter Truth
 Slide handout
 Atlantic article
 Infographic (Hidden Valley)
 Study results (Hidden Valley)
 Article (PROP sensitivity)  
 Responses to questions during the webinar: 
Why was such a larger portion of dip used? Answer: This was the amount provided in the single serve package.
Do you know of any research that correlates BMI and bitter sensitivity? Answer: The data is mixed. The above article on PROP sensitivity; a summary of the findings to-date can be found in the intro/discussion section.
Do you know if bitter sensitivity is greater in kids with autism or developmental delays? Answer: I am not sure if bitter sensitivity is related to sensory sensitivities. The question points out the need to emphasize that food wariness is not only about taste but can also be about texture.
 1/2012    Value of the Supermarket RD
 Slides (Lempert)
 Slides (Borra)
 Slides (Beadle)
 Slides (Kirchherr)     
 12/2011    Seafood
 Slides (primary)
 Slides (secondary)
11/2011   Foodservice
- Amy Myrdal Miller (Part 1)
Slides - Garrett Berdan (Part 2)
10/2011    Slides (Nutrition Care Manual)
 8/2011   Canning
Handout #1 (Henneman) - 17.4 MB file
Handout #2 (O'Donnel) 
Handout #3 (USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning)
Recording - NOTE:  This is a 70 MB WMV file
 6/2011   Kids Eat Right webinar
Slides - main
Slides - KER overview
Slides - Welchs
Handout - resources
Handout - Welchs

Recording (52 MB WMV file)
 5/2011   Resource list

Self Service Salad Bars (slide handout)

Produce Safety (slide handout)

Consumer advise (slide handout)

Recording (57 MB WMV file)
 4/2011   Slide handout (Hispanic insights)

Recording (48 MB WMV file)
 3/2011   Slide handout (Dietary Guidelines)

Recording (64 MB WMV file)
 2/2011   Slide handout (Qualisoy)
Qualisoy brochure
Recording (46 MB WMV file)
  1/2011 Slide handout
Link here to sign up for free resources
Myths handout
Link here to share your opinion
 about food safety education
Webinar recording (wmv file - 45 MB)
 12/2010  Slide handout

 Webinar recording (wmv file - 40 MB)
 10/2010  Slide handout
 9/2010  Fiber slide handout

Link to the recording page here
 5/2010 Raisin webinar slide handout 4/2010Beans handout #1
Beans handout #2
Beans handout #3 (Note:  this is a 3MB file)
Webinar slides

Webinar recording (wmv file)
 3/2010 Restaurant critic teleforum recording -
Note this is a 50 MB file


Slide handout - Benner

Slide handout - Dolan

Slide handout - Hawkins

Recorded webinar (WMV) -
Note this is a 34 MB file. 
The sound is audible for 45 minutes.

1/2010Slide handout (Citrus)
Recorded webinar (WMV) -
Note this is a 81 MB file

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