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 Welcome to the Food and Culinary Professionals Dietetic Practice Group.  Our membership is made up of a dynamic group of over 2,400 food and nutrition experts working in all areas of dietetics and beyond.  As a member, you will find that our Dietetic Practice Group offers a diverse array of continuing education benefits, as well as professional networking. 

FNCE® 2018 in Washington DC was abuzz with excitement, and The Food and Culinary Professionals DPG added to the fun with 3 events, a spotlight session, and a successful DPG showcase.

Our Friday night event at Mess Hall DC was a great way to connect with FCP members and learn more about the unique nutritional attributes of avocados. The venue hosts also described the work they do to support food business start-ups as they go to market. The Saturday food tours through Capitol Hill and Chinatown were a hit with stops along the way to taste culinary delights that DC has to offer.

For the true food geeks attending FNCE®, our DPG offered a Spotlight Session and demonstration, When Engineering Meets Culinary Science: Sous Vide Cooking. We learned about the food processing technique from a PhD food engineer and a Certified Master Chef.

The Sunday evening Networking Event held at the Newseum delighted roughly 210 attendees with delicious bites, sips, and breathtaking views of the Nation’s Capitol from the 8th floor terrace. Our annual fundraiser raffle generated $4,165.00 toward our FCP/Academy Foundation Speakers Grant and Educational Award Fund. Thank you to our Foundation Fund chair Bob Earl, and his committee for your time and effort, and to all of our members and supporters who donated raffle items.  

Our events wrapped up on Monday morning with the DPG showcase in the expo hall.  This is our annual opportunity to engage with Academy members who are considering joining a DPG that suits their professional interests. We had a lot of visitors at our booth, and we welcomed 7 new members. 

If you were at FNCE® in DC, I hope you enjoyed our events. You can see photos here.  If you missed it, please join us next year in Philadelphia. We’ve already begun planning for 2019.

Join us and connect on social media and through our electronic mailing lists.  We hope you will find the Food and Culinary Professionals DPG to be a valuable addition to your professional development.

Garrett Berdan, RDN

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