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Retail Resource Toolkit Intro

With over 600 Supermarket/Retail Subgroup members, FCP is working to create a valuable toolkit for both retail dietitians as well as vendors and organizations.

Our resource is available to FCP members and can be found on 2 pages - here and here.

The purpose of the resource is to increase awareness of educational materials, coupons, samples, and other essential resources available to retail dietitians to use with their retailer, customers, and communities they serve.

Here's a sample of the information available to FCP members:

Company Contact Resources
    Coupons Product
Sample Social
Media Posts
RD Toolkit Other
Company Name Company Contact       X X X X X

Vendors and organizations can be added to this FCP Supermarket Toolkit FREE of charge.

Link here to provide your information and begin reaching more influential FCP members today!