Transparency, integrity, disclosure – these are words that are top of mind for all of us today.  Consumers want to know greater detail about their food – how it’s processed and where it comes from – than ever before.  Several would-be, non-RDN “nutrition experts” have brought professional integrity to the forefront of discussion in all venues.   Disclosure about corporate or funded relationships is hotly debated in professional circles.

In light of this environment in which we work and live, much recent debate and dialogue has circled around the announcement of the Kids Eat Right logo being placed on packages of Kraft singles.  In response, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has placed sponsorship as the sole discussion issue on the May 2-3 House of Delegates meeting agenda.

In preparation for this meeting and to ensure Tami Cline, the FCP Delegate understood where our members stood on topics related to sponsorship, we sent out a fairly robust survey to gather your input.  Today and in the spirit of full transparency, Tami and I and the FCP Executive Committee wanted to share the results of the survey with you.

If I were to summarize the survey results, I would say that FCP members believe sponsorship of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics programs and events is appropriate and important, but that sponsorship must be handled responsibly.  Consideration should be given to brands and products that the Academy aligns with, and nutrition guardrails are important.  Nearly all who took the survey believe transparency to Academy members is extremely important.  Two-thirds indicated concern that the Kids Eat Right announcement could impact their individual professional integrity, and 80% felt it could impact the integrity of all dietitians.  A summary of the survey results is available here. (NOTE:  This summary is available to FCP members only and will require you to log in).

Tami Cline has been a long standing delegate and has surveyed the FCP organization and members well.  I know that she will be forthcoming and vocal in her representation of you as FCP members during the HOD meetings this weekend.
Annette Maggi, MS, RD, LD, FAND
Chair, Food & Culinary Professionals DPG

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